Recently Josh Shields launched his collection of handmade jewelry under his brand, J. Hoss Designs. His vision is to create unique jewelry that appeals to a variety of men and women with the goal of creating wardrobe staples, like a favorite pair of jeans. Much of his inspiration comes from his travels abroad and from visiting antique and thrift shops where he finds most of his materials. After spending years working with woods and metal, it hasn’t taken long for his creations to develop a loyal following. Most days you can find him in his shop and you can bet he’ll be making another one of a kind on his anvil or playing his cherished guitar that stays close by. J. Hoss Designs is carried by some of the finest boutiques in Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia and coming soon to a shop near you.
Every piece of jewelry is hand forged, hammered and created using vintage materials. Some pieces were once a tea platter from a distant time ago while a wooden pendant may have come from a worn piece of wood found in an old barn, each waiting for the moment to find new life. Over time each creation will patina but can be easily polished depending on your style.
Quality handmade jewelry and art mixed together with just the right amount of creative passion. That’s a J. Hoss Design.